Caatha’s Dream

On a cool brisk morning in Caath, a sleeping blue Tiger Dragon is experiencing a nightmare. In this dream, he sees a dark sky filled with black dragons as numerous as locusts. He sees them flying over the ocean, past the beaches and into the gold dragon territories. Then he sees them attack and kill many gold dragons who are guarding the border. The golden dragons are fierce warriors, but they were simply outnumbered.

The blue dragon awoke in a panic! He jumped to his feet and knew that he had just had a vision. He knew exactly what he had to do. He took large drinks of water, jumped into the air beating wings furiously and headed south. It was his task and his task alone that he must warn the gold dragons of the impending danger. Caatha possesses the gift of prophecy and can see the future. If he didn’t arrive to warn Zakuua and the other gold dragons as quickly as possible, it would be too late to save them.

Finally after flying without stopping for two moons he arrived in Zakuua’s desert land and floated gently down until he landed on a butte. He caught his breath and looked around for a few moments, then he took off again and headed for the seashore where he knew he would run into the border soldiers. He could now warn them of the impending danger….