Zakuua Keeps Watch

Zakuua flew low while he patrolled the desert shoreline. As he kept watch for black dragons he thought about the story his grandfather told him about the battle between the blacks and the golds. It was centuries ago but the story was still fresh in his mind. This was one of the main reasons why he decided to be a soldier of the border and keep watch for the enemies that may come to invade the land. He knew the story well and especially liked the part where his grandfather had single handedly defeated for black dragons by striking and biting relentlessly until they were finished and he took a huge breath and blew great flames of fire and incinerated them leaving their bodies smoking and smoldering.

The gold dragons possessed the gift of intense fire. They can exhale much more fire than many of the other dragon tribes and it’s because of this that it’s their main weapon. As the Golden soldier flew on an uneasy feeling started creeping over him. This was also a gift of the gold dragons. They possessed a keen sense and awareness of when danger was coming even at great distances. As Zakuua stared out over the ocean scanning the Verizon he noticed an unusual black cloud that moved differently than any other cloud he had ever seen.


Excerpt from the fantasy series of books The Age of Draga that I am working on which will feature all the dragons on my website.