Summer Art Schedule

Living and working in the desert southwest causes us “desert dwellers” into hibernation of sorts.  With temperature reaching into the 110’s and higher, local outdoor Art Walks are nearly impossible to do.  Even when the sun goes down the air temperature remains in the 100’s.   “Desert artists” look either for indoor art shows and events or take the summer off.  I do a bit of both.

Go to my facebook page, for a current schedule of shows.  I post current projects that I am working on and bits of other artsy information too.  I am also writing more during the summer in hopes to complete my first book in the “Age of Draga” series real soon.  Follow the saga on my blog, The Age of Draga.

I also am currently working on several new paintings in both oil and acrylic mediums.  There will be new dragon art, another commissioned book cover and abstract work.  Check out my newest painting, “Phoenix” on the New Paintings page of my website.  It is painted in oil on a 12″ x 30″ x 2″ canvas that I especially made for this piece.  It is listed for $150 plus shipping.

Thank you to my followers and fans for purchasing my work and supporting my art!  I hope you have a great summer!