Jay Signing ArtJay is a native Californian currently residing in the southwest desert area of Arizona.  He began drawing at a young age and honed his skills through art programs in public schools.  He began drawing with pen and ink creating many fantasy works.  Jay broadened his art to include charcoal, acrylic paints, mixed media, oils and ceramics.  He is very passionate about painting with oils, which is his favorite medium.

After years of pursuing other interests; only dabbling with painting here and there, Jay finally reached the point where he decided to pursue his painting full time in 2010. He attended Mesa Community College in Arizona studying ASL, Psychology and Fine Arts.  He hopes to someday work with disabled, autistic or deaf children.

Jay’s abstract paintings include mixed media called “Acrylic and Heavy Metal” which are multicolored acrylics painted on canvas which is infused with epoxy and chunks of steel, brass, copper and iron, oil paintings that he calls “Bursts”  and “color swirls”, along with seascapes, and his favorite subject: dragons. Most of his dragon paintings are illustrations for a book he is writing called The Age of Draga.  Jay’s immediate goals are to keep creating new dragons and finish his first book.

“It’s so rewarding to take beautiful rich colors and apply them to an empty canvas or sketching out an idea and seeing it come to life.”   JAY

“Writing a song is like telling a story, and the story is told best with rich color and texture.”      JAY



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