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I have started a separate blog called The Age of Draga so you can easily find my excerpts from the upcoming book.  It will also keep you updated on the status of the book and pending release dates.  It is my intention to keep my followers informed on my progress and pending publication status.

I also want to share with my follows each dragon’s story in hopes that my dragons become real to you as they are to me.  Each one has a distinct personality which includes their strengths and weaknesses.  Join with me as each dragon comes alive, develops and grows and becomes a story.


Zakuua Keeps Watch

Zakuua flew low while he patrolled the desert shoreline. As he kept watch for black dragons he thought about the story his grandfather told him about the battle between the blacks and the golds. It was centuries ago but the story was still fresh in his mind. This was one of the main reasons why he decided to be a soldier of the border and keep watch for the enemies that may come to invade the land. He knew the story well and especially liked the part where his grandfather had single handedly defeated for black dragons by striking and biting relentlessly until they were finished and he took a huge breath and blew great flames of fire and incinerated them leaving their bodies smoking and smoldering.

The gold dragons possessed the gift of intense fire. They can exhale much more fire than many of the other dragon tribes and it’s because of this that it’s their main weapon. As the Golden soldier flew on an uneasy feeling started creeping over him. This was also a gift of the gold dragons. They possessed a keen sense and awareness of when danger was coming even at great distances. As Zakuua stared out over the ocean scanning the Verizon he noticed an unusual black cloud that moved differently than any other cloud he had ever seen.


Excerpt from the fantasy series of books The Age of Draga that I am working on which will feature all the dragons on my website.

Caatha’s Dream

On a cool brisk morning in Caath, a sleeping blue Tiger Dragon is experiencing a nightmare. In this dream, he sees a dark sky filled with black dragons as numerous as locusts. He sees them flying over the ocean, past the beaches and into the gold dragon territories. Then he sees them attack and kill many gold dragons who are guarding the border. The golden dragons are fierce warriors, but they were simply outnumbered.

The blue dragon awoke in a panic! He jumped to his feet and knew that he had just had a vision. He knew exactly what he had to do. He took large drinks of water, jumped into the air beating wings furiously and headed south. It was his task and his task alone that he must warn the gold dragons of the impending danger. Caatha possesses the gift of prophecy and can see the future. If he didn’t arrive to warn Zakuua and the other gold dragons as quickly as possible, it would be too late to save them.

Finally after flying without stopping for two moons he arrived in Zakuua’s desert land and floated gently down until he landed on a butte. He caught his breath and looked around for a few moments, then he took off again and headed for the seashore where he knew he would run into the border soldiers. He could now warn them of the impending danger….

The Deadly Alliance

Zzrorok continued to ponder his predicament by the edge of the purple sea. It was on this very ledge that he had made the toughest decisions of his life and there were many. The cliffs that rose above the purple sea were stout and permeated with the smell of sea spray and the algae.It was this algae that gave the purple sea it’s color. This was always a place of solice for Zzorok to escape the stresses of war and the responsibilities of his command. The cliffs would usually be filled with the chatter and clatter of giant sea foul that were one of the red dragons main source of protein, but not today; not when Zzorok was present. They stayed hidden in their tight caves waiting for the dragon to leave.

As the great dragon stared into the mesmerizing waves that pounded the cliffs he reflected on the past battles he commanded and the brothers he lost to war. Zzorok and his kind had been at war with the brass dragons for as long as he could remember. Things had become much harder ever since the brass dragons became allies with the diggars or brown dragons. Even though the red dragons  had struck an alliance with the copper and the bronze dragons; finally giving them equal numbers against the brass and brown dragons, he still feared all the bloodshed that was to come upon his decision. It was much more than winning battles, it was also about preserving lives of his brethren. He would have to be craftier than ever now. His abilities as a great strategist would be put to a more crucial test than ever before.

The brass dragons were very fierce, near perfect specimens with very little weaknesses. The brown dragons were a totally different animal, unique and unconventional which was scary and difficult to grasp. The diggars were short and stocky about 20 feet long and armored to the hilt. They were built like a tortoise, but instead of a shell on their back they had a hard smooth beetle like wings. They would hunch down flat to the ground and as many dragons before tried to bite and tear at its back, their teeth would merely slide around because there was nothing to grip to. The neck was ringed with many spikes about medium length and very sharp. They also had horns over the eyebrows one on the bridge of the nose and small ones jutting out of the jawbone. They were almost impossible to get at. The worse part however; was that when their assailant was attempting to get at their soft underside the diggar would bring about it’s stubby tail, probe around for a soft spot, then inject venome with it’s scorpion like stinger, causing death or paralysis to their now victim.

The brown basalisks would tunnel underground by rotating  their heads back and forth in a circular motion and this would loosen all the dirt and rocks in front of them like a giant drill bit. They’re sharp beak would snap and cuts the roots of trees and plants. Their beaks could even crack small rocks in half, very powerful and dangerous. once the dirt was loosend they would scoop out the rocks and dirt with their badger like claws attached to their long powerful forearms. These excavating tools would double as their weapons when they were in battle. Their back legs were shorter than the front so they could squat down with a low center of gravity making it easier to bulldoze their way into their burrows and also making it very difficult for attackers to get under their belly and grab the loose soft skin.

The brown dragons were very feared. They were very slow like honey dripping in the winter time, but their power and large array of weaponry made up for it and they killed many enemies and rarely lost lives in their clan. This is what Zorrok was having difficulty with while making the decision to go to war against the brass dragons now that they were allied with the brown dragons clan. He would have to decide before the sun comes up the next morning, for that was when his green friend Grenlok was engaging the brass dragons.

The Gathering

A forest sprite named Shezala summons seven hatchlings together as the morning sun rose above the distant mountains. The task given to her by Shelka Dar Tarka, the wizard of Winslark was to teach them the secrets of survival. These were very special little hatchlings who Shelka promised the keepers of the forest, she would watch over them until they matured.She would be their teacher, healer and suragute mother.

The baby dragons were all sleeping in different parts of the massive forest when they heard a small voice inside their heads. it told them to go to the center of the forest by the lakeside. When they arrived they were sleep flying, then they were awakened by a small glowing light. It was Shezala and she began to whisper knowledge to them that they all heard in their own language inside their heads.

Among the hatchlings was Blesa the Blue, a female wyvern. There was Oshala the Orange, also a female hatchling. Then there was Raga the Red and Greenfast the Swift. Standing in wonder was Goldicera. Hovering very close to the sprite and drinking in every bit of knowledge delivered telepathically; was Purr-Purr the Purple. Last but not least taking cover amongst the bushes; being ever so cautious was Gustus the Gray. As Shezala finished her message to the wyrmlings she reassured them that she would be back from time to time to teach them new things of importance and wonder.

Excerpt from the fantasy series of books The Age of Draga that I am working on which will feature all the dragons on my website.

King Saraak – Ice Dragon

King Saraak Lands on an icy cliff and looks back to see if he was followed by any of  the black dragons he had just defeated. The purple king had instructed his beloved mate Queen Sarafina to flee the battle site as he engaged in combat against multiple black dragons. It was all a blur in his mind.  All the king could remember was that he spun wildly with his tail slicing the black dragons with his razor sharp dorsal fins and tumbling in summer salts to throw them when they jumped on his back to bite his neck. Then he beat them back with his giant wings that spanned a good forty feet. He wasn’t sure if there was three or five blacks, but it didn’t matter because he defeated them all with vicious bites and crushing blows with his mighty paws.

A relief came over him as he saw no dragons following him. Just as he started to take off and head for home the great king realized that warm blood was trickling down his muscular neck and dripping to the frozen ground beneath hi s feet. He hurriedly scattered the bloody ice with a strong brush of his paw to hide the fact that he was injured from anyone who might follow. Then with a quick leap he took to the icy sky and headed for home…

Exerpt from the fantasy series of books The Age of Draga that I am working on which will feature all the dragons on my website. Watch for more about King Saraak, Queen Sarafina and their Ice Clan coming soon.

Mighty Caatha

Caatha is the mightiest of the blue dragon tribe. He is 25 feet in length with a wing span of 30 feet. His crystal blue scales sparkle like sapphires in the sun. He has huge paws with razor sharp claws and a mouth full of sharp teeth including a set of twelve inch fangs. His front arms are long giving him great striking range with his saber-like claws and short hind legs that give him great strength and balance. He has two 30 inch twisted horns growing out the top of his skull. The last of his great weapons, his 15 foot tail that could lash out and maim a foe with a lightning fast crack! Caatha is not the biggest of the dragons and he is not a fire breather, but he is the fastest of all the dragons of “Strateraka”.

Caatha is the protector of his island nation and his name  means Son of Caath. He was born a child of prophecy but no one knew exactly what the prophesy meant except the Elders of the blue dragon tribe. They knew that a day would come when the young dragon would be instrumental in the fulfillment of the Caathan prophesies. Caatha knew that someday he would have to muster all the strength in his body, soul and spirit to save his world. He just didn’t know how, where or when.

Excerpt from the fantasy series of books The Age of Draga that I am working on which will feature all the dragons seen here on my website.  Watch for the first book of the series due out soon.

Grem the Fisher

GREM the Fisher, was  a wyvern whose entire diet consisted of fish. His full name was Grematuq  Ickathus, but his friends just call him Grem.  He lived his entire life on the coastline of his island home Nazha and was very content.

His family was one of the few that survived solely on fish. They ate yellow stripe, blue fin, red tail, green spot, turquoise head and their favorite white flyers. The white flying fish had scales that would glimmer like silver. Grem loved to fly above them, then dive down quickly and snatch them up as they glided above the water. It was his favorite game to play and his reward for winning was delicious.

The wyvern clans were very happy and lived long prosperous lives on the island of Nazha…

Excerpt from the fantasy series of books The Age of Draga that I am working on which will feature all the dragons on my website. The first fantasy story due out in 2013.

Draka Te’

Draka Te’ a distant cousin to Prince Grenlok dwells in the Eastern Sea and is the protector of the water realm.  The bluish green water dragon has no wings but can swim almost as fast as his cousins can fly.  With his mighty tail lashing back and forth and his webbed feet propelling him through the water like a missile, he can split the water as easily as Prince Grenlok can split the air.  His thick tail and strong arms catapult  him out of the water and through the air for distances of 100 feet or so making it seem as though he can fly on top of the water.  When he lands back in the water with his sharp snout, his spikes and fins collapse with a such elasticity that Draka Te’ is like a giant blade cutting through the sea.  It is with this speed and these weapons that he has earned the name “Guardian of the Eastern Sea”.  Whenever there is danger near, he is the defender of his realm….

Excerpt from the fantasy series of books The Age of Draga that I am working on which will feature all the dragons seen here on my website www.jaynixonart.com.  First of the series is due out in 2013.